15th Pan African Congress of Urology & 22nd Tunisian Congress of Urology

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1/Les langues officielles du congrès sont le Français et l’Anglais avec une traduction simultanée

2/ The official languages of the congress are French and English with a simultaneous translation

2/ Avant de soumettre votre résumé vous devez créer tout d’abord un compte,vous aurez ensuite deux emails:
le premier , de notification( immédiat)
:le deuxième, d’acceptation (dans les 24 heures)
Une fois accepté,vous pouvez soumettre votre résumé

4/ Before submitting your abstract,you should create an account and then you will receive two emails
:the first,notification (immediate)
:the second, for acceptation (within 24 hours)
After beeing accepted,you can submit your abstract

5/ L’inscription sera ouverte le 1er Mai 2022 :quand vous cliquez sur registration vous serez dirigé au site web Mice pour completer votre procedure d’inscription

6/ The registration will open the 1st of May 2022 :when you click on registration you will be directed to the web site Mice to complete your registration procedure

7/ Après acceptation de votre résumé ,le comité scientifique décidera de votre présentation :
soit une communication orale soit un Poster commenté

8/After acceptation of your abstract,the scientific committee will decide your présentation :
either oral communication or commented Poster

9/ les présentations vidéos ne doivent pas depasser 8 minutes

10/ The vidéo présentations shouldn’t exceed 8 minutes

Registration and Housing


Barraket Essahel B.P. 58 Hammamet Sud, Hammamet 8056 Tunisie

The registration fees / frais inscription :

Resident 200 Tunisian Dinars TND (65 Euros)
Senior member 500 Tunisian Dinars TND (160 Euros)
Senior non member 750 Tunisian Dinars TND (240 Euros)

(Oceana Hotel =the congress venue)

Room single +breakfast + diner 250 Tunisian Dinars TND (80 Euros)

PACKS (Registration + 3 nights)

Senior member 1000 Tunisian Dinars TND (315 Euros)
Senior non member 1300 Tunisian Dinars TND (400 Euros)
Resident (room double) 700 Tunisian Dinars TND (220 Euros)

Extra fees +10% after october 1st 2022

Airport Transfert :contact Mice Travel 0021671282827 bksibi.mice@planet.tn

Please inform your flight schedule 24 hours before your departure

For whom prefere housing in an other hotel then the congress venue,you can by conventional booking procedures or contact our organiser bksibi.mice@planet.tn For further information please contact :

email: dr.cherif.karim@gmail.com

phone: 00216 99 528 511


email: zribi.ahmedsaid@gmail.com

phone: 00216 98 303 090

Dear colleagues. Dear guests

This year we have the privilege to host the 15th Panafrican Urological Surgeon’s Association congress that will be held in the city of Hammamet( Tunisia )in october 20-21-22 ,2022 In conjunction with the Tunisian Urological Association congress We are delighted to finally return to an in-person meeting after two years when Covid-19 Pandemic has affected all our activities

During this 15th PAUSA congress, delegates from Africa and also from Europe Asia and USA will meet and discuss the advancement and research in urology

There will be plenary , special sessions abstract and video sessions

Different local associations participate in this congress :radiology,oncology,radiation therapy,sexology,general and family medecine.

This congress is also an opportunity for Young urologists to participate in woshop ;hands-on sessions(laparoscopy,endo urology and radiology) and attend educational courses provided by experts from the European Association of Urology and the American Urological Association

We are honored an pleased to invite you

This meeting is a great opportunity for all of us to develop privileged relationships and build fruitful collaborations

I wish you all a pleasant stay and WELCOME in TUNISIA

Comité d'organisation:bureau ATU/ organizing committee :TUA board


Ahmed Said Zribi

Vice president

Sami Ben Rhouma

General secretary

Khaireddine Bouassida

Adjunct general secretary

Mehdi Bouassida


Mohamed Karim Cherif

Adjunct treasurer

Walid Zakhama

Adjunct general secretary

Salem Braiek

Adjunct general secretary

Mehdi Raboudi

Comité scientifique/scientific committee

Walid Kerkeni TN
Ahmed Said Zribi TN
Pappa Ahmed Fall SN
Hammadi Saad TN
Ahmed Shoma EG
Mourad Hadj Slimene TN
Cyril Kamadjou CM
Yassine Nouira TN
Khaled Atallah TN
Mehdi Jaidane TN
Mohamed Harouni DZ
Rafik El Kamel TN
Mohamed Jalloh SN
Riadh Ben Slama TN
Shingai Mutambirwa SA
Mohamed Yassine Binous TN
Mounir El Ouekdi TN
Sami Ben Rhouma TN
Samir Ghozzi TN

NB: The Senior Pack includes registration for the congress + 3 hotel nights in a single room on half board; The Junior Pack includes registration for the congress + 3 nights in a hotel in a double room on half board (2 residents / room). for any special request (pick-up, accompagning supplement, etc.), please contact MICE Travel agency on 00216 71 28 28 27 or by email at the address: bksibi.mice@planet.tn; for any request relating to the scientific aspect, please contact Dr Ahmed Said Zribi at zribi.ahmedsaid@yahoo.fr

Speakers PAUSA 2022

Stefania Ferretti IT
Aymen Mnasser TN
Sahbi Naouar TN
Ahmed Shoma EG
Lamine Niang SN
Fatma Zohra Ben Salah TN
Hichem Kouicem DZ
Ben Khlifa TN
Yassine Binous TN
R Boulma TN
Kamel Ktari TN
Wassim Chaabene TN
Mourad Haj Slimene TN
Alexander Nwofor NG
Alexandre De la Taille FR
Amine Mseddi TN
Hugh Mostafid UK
Jameleddine Yousfi DZ
Hassan Abolenein EG
Mehdi Jaidane TN
Ahmed Said Zribi TN
Monique J Roobol NL
Kais Nouira TN
Shingai Mutambirwa
Emiola O Olapade-Olaopa NG
Yosr Hamdi TN
Lotfi Kochbati TN
Yassine Nouini MA
Noel Coulibaly CI
Wafa Ben Kridis TN
Nouri Rebai TN
Mehdi Raboudi TN
Mouna Ayedi TN
Emna Hafhouf TN
Papa Ahmed Fall SN
Vincent Izard FR
Mechaal Mourali TN
Imene Guenzoui TN
Zeineb Masmoudi TN
Chiraz El Fekih TN
Suzette E Sutherland seatttle WA USA
Dorra Zghal TN
Medina Ndoye SN
Pankaj Joshi IN
Amine Bouker TN
Wissem Hmida TN
Mohamed Jalloh SN
Cyril Kamadjou CM
Mehdi Bouassida TN
Rami Boulma TN
Emmanuel Muhawenimana RW
Ali S Gozen DE
Domenico Veneziano IT
Franck Bladou FR
George Fournier FR
Badreddine ben Khalifa TN
Kamel Ktari TN
Khairedine Bouassida TN
Steven Joniau BE
Evelyne Moshokoa ZA
Serigne Magueye Gueye SN
Mohamed Amine Oueslati TN
Yassine Ouanes TN
Kheireddine Mrad Dali TN
Yann Neuzillet FR
Sami Ben Rhouma TN

Moderators PAUSA 2022

Yassine Binous TN
Amine Mseddi TN
Justin N’Guessan CI
Honoré J G Berthé ML
Khaled Atallah TN
Mohamed Trifa TN
Mohamed Karim Cherif TN
Samir Ghozzi TN
Boubaccar Fall SN
Jibril Bello NG
N Ben Sorba TN
Yassine Nouira TN
Mourad Haj Slimene TN
Mounir Toffahi TN
Alexander Nwofor NG
Mostapha Mcherqui MA
Mobile Kampagna RDC
Willis O Oyieko KE
Ananadi Odzebe CG
Mohamed Harouni DZ
Mohamed Chebil TN
Mohamed Jalloh SN
Ahmed Said Zribi TN
Mounir Ouakdi TN
Fethi Attiaoui TN
Nouri Rebai TN
Aristide Kaboré BF
Shingai Mutambirwa ZA
Ali Bazi DZ
Mohamed Sfaxi TN
Ali Bahloul TN
Mohsen Ayed TN
Neil Chelbi TN
Mohamed Hlila TN
Pappa Ahmed Fall SN
Mounir Ajina TN
Nabil Mhiri TN
Mohamed Karim Cherif TN
Mehdi Bouassida TN
Bechir Zouaoui TN
Evelyne Moshokoa ZA
Salem Braiek TN
Chiraz EL Fekih TN
Hamadi Saad TN
Zeineb Masmoudi TN
Serigne Magueye Gueye SN
Mehdi Raboudi TN
Amine Bouker TN
Khaireddine Bouassida TN
Ahmed Sallemi TN
Emiola O Olapade Olaopa NG
Mehdi Jaidane TN
Sami Ben Rhouma TN
Bertrand Njinou CM
Ali S Gozen DE
Ahmed Shoma EG